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About My Workshop

During my Workshop you will learn not only relaxation techniques, but how to work with your body to achieve a calm confident and positive birth. Whether you are planning on birthing your baby in a consultant unit, birth unit, or at home the skills can be used in all births. Hypnobirthing techniques can shorten labour, reduce the need for pain relief, intervention and improve overall birth experience.

You and your birth partner will learn how your body works during pregnancy and birth, enabling you to encourage your baby into the correct position for birth. You will also learn about the all important hormones and how they play a role in your birth journey. Relaxation techniques including breath work, massage and visualisation are all included in the course. You will both learn how to use these skills in all births, whatever path your birth journey takes. The three hour Workshop is taught at The Baby Journey HQ in Cheltenham, in small groups of up to six women and their birth partners. Included in the course are voice recording for you to use during your practise.

If you prefer a more tailored one to one Course please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


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